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“Living in Harmony”

Reverend Doris Hoskins

Unity in Design

The Harmony Pendant was designed around the ANKH, the oldest religious symbol of enduring life, which also contains the CROSS, which emerges from the STAR OF DAVID because Christianity flows from Judaism. On the left above the Star is the Hindu symbol of OM. To the top left of the cross is the FETISH BEAR, frequently used as a symbol of Native American and Earth Spirit religions. Above the cross on the right is the YIN YANG symbol of the Taoist tradition. To the right above the Star is the ISLAM CRESCENT wrapping around the BUDDHIST TREE OF LIFE. On the horizontal beam of the cross is the WINGED GLOBE, traditional symbol of UNITY, which is also the ancient Egyptian symbol of the goddess.

Stainless Steel Harmony Pendant

The Surgical Stainless Steel Harmony Pendant is perfect for those who are looking for something nearly indestructible and corrosion resistant. It will provide you years of wearing pleasure. It measures 22.5MM x 47MM and weighs XX grams. It comes with a 2MM, 20 box stainless steel chain. Would you like some for gifts? Click More Information to see the discounts.

Silver Harmony Pendant

The Silver Harmony Pendant is perfect for those who are looking for something with an understated elegance. It will provide you years of wearing pleasure. It measures 20MM x 42MM and weighs 9 grams. It DOES NOT come with a chain.

Gold Harmony Pendant

The 10k or 14k Gold Harmony Pendant is perfect for those who are looking for something with sophisticated elegance. It will provide you years of wearing pleasure. It measures 20MM x 42MM and weighs 10.7 grams. It DOES NOT come with a chain.

An Integral Approach to Sustainable Prosperity

A Journey to Spiritual and Material Abundance through Your Own Personal and Collective Experience

by Rev. Doris G. Hoskins, MA

When the Board of Trustees of Unity of Northern Kentucky challenged me to create a prosperity program for our church, I was just finishing my Masters program with its in Wilbur’s Integral Theory. I immediately recognized how the spiritual aspects of prosperity fit into the upper left quadrant. I also saw how the prosperity programs as historically taught from just a spiritual basis totally neglected the upper right quadrants aspects of good financial money management. It became obvious to me that both the upper left and the upper right were required in order to create prosperity that was truly sustainable over an individual’s lifetime. I then spent a year researching different management and spiritual prosperity purporting to teach money management and spiritual prosperity.

I was looking for what worked in each. I had also learned from integral theory that no philosophical teaching is ever 100% wrong…so what was right that I would include in the program that I was creating? What aspects were duplicated in many, and what concepts were unique that would want to include in mine? This book is the result of my research.

This is a prosperity program called An Integral Approach to Sustainable Prosperity that includes a book and lessons. This is not a tithing program. It is, however, a comprehensive approach to emotional and spiritual maturity regarding money matters. The goal is to systematically bring an individual into a conscious awareness regarding spending patterns and the distinction between needs and wants. 

The Four Integral Quadrants of Prosperity

About the Book: An Integral Approach to Sustainable Prosperity

PURPOSE: To understand their complete financial picture, and to be in control of where, how and why they spend money. To choose to spend money based on their values rather than past emotional experiences. To understand the spiritual basis for creating an abundant life. To choose a percentage for generous giving based on their current financial circumstances while moving toward ever greater and greater prosperity

LENGTH: Twelve two-hour sessions 

OBJECTIVES: Students will be able to:


The program as outlined in this book is created to be done with other like-minded individuals, with a teacher, minister, or facilitator who is also working the program. This is not meant to be a lecture kind of program. It is not meant to be taught as much as it is meant to be work that is done individually and that is then experienced with other individuals who are also working the program. 

If an individual is part of a committed relationship, it is beneficial for both individuals to do the work separately in their own workbooks and then share their individual work with each other to determine how they will proceed financially as a couple.


I’ve watched old patterns around money dissolve after writing my money story. Today I’m living from ‘there is always enough’.

Applying appreciation to the expenses that I resented paying and turning that around to good feelings and positive gratefulness for my bills.

I felt this prosperity process was the most helpful. You have allowed inner exploration and offered ideas and ways to shiftt. Many courses tell you how to think, with ‘rah, rah’ affirmations. Thank you for keeping this grounded and real. (And I have taken all of Unity’s prosperity classes!).

Putting values to my expenses created a new appreciation for many monthly bills and added gratitude. I love this! I also gained an ease without guilt in spending on myself, especially ‘self-care’.

Doris, I see pictures of my granddaughter wearing your wonderful Harmony pendant. She wears it every day.

About Rev. Doris Hoskins

A positive path
for spiritual living

Doris Hoskins, ordained in 1994 by Unity Worldwide Ministries, is the designer of the Harmony Pendant and creator of An Integral Approach to Creating Sustainable Prosperity: A Journey to Spiritual and Material Abundance Through Your Own Personal and Collective Experience. A twelve week prosperity program.

 She was elected to the Board of Trustees for Unity Worldwide Ministries in 2015 and served as Chair of the board 2022-23.

She is currently the minister of Unity on the Avenue in Denver, CO. www.unityontheavenue.org

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