An Integral Approach to Sustainable Prosperity

An Integral Approach to Sustainable Prosperity

A Journey to Spiritual and Material Abundance through Your Own Personal and Collective Experience 

by Rev. Doris G. Hoskins, MA

An Integral Approach to Sustainable Prosperity

When the Board of Trustees of Unity of Northern Kentucky challenged me to create a prosperity program for our church, I was just finishing my Masters program with its in Wilbur’s Integral Theory.  I immediately recognized how the spiritual aspects of prosperity fit into the upper left quadrant. I also saw how the prosperity programs as historically taught from just a spiritual basis totally neglected the upper right quadrants aspects of good financial money management. It became obvious to me that both the upper left and the upper right were required in order to create prosperity that was truly sustainable over an individual’s lifetime. I then spent a year researching different management and spiritual prosperity purporting to teach money management and spiritual prosperity.

I was looking for what worked in each. I had also learned from integral theory that no philosophical teaching is ever 100% wrong…so what was right that I would include in the program that I was creating? What aspects were duplicated in many, and what concepts were unique that would want to include in mine? This book is the result of my research.

The Four Integral Quadrants of Prosperity

Sustainable Prosperity Grid

This is a prosperity program called An Integral Approach to Sustainable Prosperity that includes a book and lessons. This is not a tithing program. It is, however, a comprehensive approach to emotional and spiritual maturity regarding money matters. The goal is to systematically bring an individual into a conscious awareness regarding spending patterns and the distinction between needs and wants. 

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