An Integral Approach to Sustainable Prosperity

About and Integral Approach to Sustainable Prosperity


PURPOSE:  To understand their complete financial picture, and to be in control of where, how and why they spend money. To choose to spend money based on their values rather than past emotional experiences. To understand the spiritual basis for creating an abundant life. To choose a percentage for generous giving based on their current financial circumstances while moving toward ever greater and greater prosperity

LENGTH:  Twelve two-hour sessions 

OBJECTIVES:  Students will be able to:

  • Define and describe the connection between their spiritual lives and their financial life
  • Identify where and how their money is spent 
  • Define and describe their personal money history and how it impacts their current financial situation
  • Identify their personal values and how those values can be reflected in their financial lives, 
  • Identify distinctions between needs, wants and desires and use to create intentions with affirmations, required actions, and financial requirements
  • Develop a personal income statement
  • Develop a Spending Plan based on 6 weeks financial data of what they value
  • Develop a Net Worth Statement


The program as outlined in this book is created to be done with other like-minded individuals, with a teacher, minister, or facilitator who is also working the program. This is not meant to be a lecture kind of program. It is not meant to be taught as much as it is meant to be work that is done individually and that is then experienced with other individuals who are also working the program. 

If an individual is part of a committed relationship, it is beneficial for both individuals to do the work separately in their own workbooks and then share their individual work with each other to determine how they will proceed financially as a couple.

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