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About Doris G. Hoskins and Harmony Pendants

Doris HoskinsDoris designed, and copyrighted, the Harmony Pendant in 1998. It is designed with the idea that each different religious tradition has it’s own unique contribution to our world and holding a vision of them in harmony contributes to harmony in the world. 

The idea is not to meld them all together but rather to see them in Harmony, one with the other. Just as when a chord is played musically, one note off creates discord,shifting one note will move it into harmony.

The cross rises from the Star of David, just as Christianity comes from Judaism. To the left is the Hindu Symbol for Om. Above on the left is a Fetish Bear representing Native American, or Earth Spirit religious.

The Center represents the Ankh, the oldest formal religious symbol. To the top right is the Yin Yang for the Taoist Tradition and below the Islam Crescent wraps around the Buddhist Tree of Life. On the horizontal bar of the Cross is the Winged Globe, the symbol of Unity.

Unity’s Co-Founder, Charles Fillmore, took the symbol from ancient Egypt, and it is in fact the symbol of the Goddess Isis.

By customer request, the piece is available in surgical stainless steel. The gold and silver custom made pieces are also for sale. Those prices are available upon request based the current gold and silver commodity prices.

She completed her master’s degree at Fielding University in Santa Barbara, Calif., in 2012 with a degree in Organizational Management and Development with an emphasis in Integral Studies. 

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